Thank you for visiting Fit 4 Fire, dedicated with great respect and affection to our brothers and sisters in the Fire Service, here in the U.S. and abroad. We’re glad you’re here! We would be happy to hear from you with questions or comments, and invite you to browse through our site to learn about our purpose and programs.


Our mission is to develop and deliver programs that will improve the health and safety of our fellow firefighters. It’s as simple as that.

What is decidedly not simple is the very subject of safety in the fire service. Safety covers an incredibly broad range of concerns: from apparel and SCBA, to safe apparatus driving and fireground SOPs; from communications and ICS, to risk assessment and deployment, and the list goes on and on. With about 100 firefighters losing their lives each year, what can we do to lower or even eliminate that haunting statistic?

At Fit 4 Fire, we have chosen to focus our attention on two very specific and important subjects directly involved in firefighter safety on the fireground: Engine Company Operations and Firefighter Fitness.

Although the subjects may seem totally unrelated, the programs share the common goal of teaching knowledge and skills that will change behaviors and make the participants safer, more confident and more competent.



Engine Company Operations: Advanced Firestreams

This program is not a cursory review of hose and nozzle evolutions. It integrates a thorough knowledge and understanding of fireground hydraulics with practical and critical elements of Standard Operating Procedures, including manpower allotment, staffing assignments, deployment decision-making, company interactions, strategies and tactics, etc. More than anything else, this program challenges participants to evaluate with clear objectivity the history, evolution and effectiveness of their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), or Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs), if you prefer. As Donald Chambers wrote in an article for firenuggets.com, "self-inquiry is a powerful tool." That said, the focus of this program is group dynamics: interactions among members of a company, between operating companies, and between command and field officers.

Fit 4 Fire

Fit 4 Fire is the flagship program for which the company is named. Based on the writings and teachings of Covert Bailey, the program begins with the conviction that diets don’t work, that there’s more to being fit than one’s weight alone, and that frankly, if we want to be healthy enough to handle the physical and mental demands of the fireground, we have to be willing to exercise. The focus of this program is the individual’s self-image and his or her willingness to accept change to be healthier, stronger and more effective in combat on the fireground. Not to mention off the fireground, as well!


 For more information about the content and objectives of these programs, click here. For a better understanding of the issues addressed in the Engine Company program, you can also visit www.firenuggets.com, and read the article Crises on the Fireground: Water and Manpower at the Scene.